R.O.M (Radix Omnium Malorum)

Deep within the earth lies an ancient cavern. In the heart of the chamber dwells the arcane tree god Rom, who holds the Stag-Beast denizens in constant mortal combat. These Stag-Beasts must vie for Rom’s favour by sacrificing one another, and thereby satisfying his undying blood thirst.

Radix Omnium Malorum ( Latin for “root of all evil” ) or Rom, is an arena style death match FPS that is pantheist themed and is inspired by the Black metal music genre. Designed for Xbox 360, the game supports multiplayer with up to four player split screen and includes a couple of experimental mechanics as well as an originally composed soundtrack.

Rom was the product of our 3rd year UCT Game Design final project. It was developed in XNA 3.1, and utilizes the JiglibX library to perform its physics calculations.

In 2011 Rom was entered into the Microsoft Imagination Cup where it placed 2nd in the game design category.